Busch File Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd is a growth-oriented manufacturer of tailor-made filing products, document storage products and PVC pockets (for Events & Conferences) and PVC pockets for library cards.

And we are proud to announce that we are now a Level 2 Contributor to B-BBEE , and can be downloaded under Documents & Brochures.



Emmanuel Mothabi

Employment:  Since 2015

Job title:  Chief Executive Officer

Heinrich Busch

Employment:  Since 1979

Job title:  Chief Operations Officer

Günter Busch

Employment:  Since 1990

Job title:  Production & Maintenance Manager

Frans Jabu Modikwe

Employment:  Since 2015

Job title:  Production Manager



Busch File Manufacturers is a manufacturer and supplier of tailor-made filing products and standard filing products as well as document storage products. As such, we produce stock-line files of paper and pvc to meet market demand. Our technical team builds dyes for the manufacturing of these high quality products that are aligned to paper consumption and use. 

To offer the best of what we produce, the production team adds bespoke print and materials as well as sizes as per clients' requirements. Our vision is to ensure that through our products businesses have an effective file plan that will smoothly ensure an efficient administration, so that the ephemeral can be separated from the essentials.


Our wide range of filing and document storage products cater for:

  1. Training manuals (standard or tailor-made)
  2. Legal documents - law firms (filing and storage)
  3. Product pictures display files (encapsulated or standard)
  4. Educational materials (encapsulated or standard)
  5. Office files & document storage products
  6. Events & Conferences PVC pockets (with lanyards)
  7. Library cards PVC pockets
  8. Stationery products supplies (medium to bulk orders supply ONLY)


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